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If you want to improve the way your business functions, it is very important to see how it is managed from inside. One has to keep an eye on what is working and what is not working in the office. Definitely, there are going to be issues with staff, protocol and general work systems. Most of these factors, though, can be improved with better office equipment. If you want your business to be at the top of the game, you need to use technology that is efficient and up to date. That is why most companies prefer Xerox copiers.

Many office managers purchase Xerox copiers as it is a trusted product. As a matter of fact, many successful businesses, regardless of size, use Xerox copiers because it works. The products are also top of the line when it comes to quality and up-to-date features. Your job will be to find the copier that has the features you need. Consider if your New York office will need PC compatibility, great imaging or color printing? If you will be sending out catalogues that show off your product, then the quality and definition of the images you copy are going to be important.

Also, consider the size of your business when you are considering Xerox copiers. There are different types of Xerox copiers for different sizes of business. If you have a constant and heavy work flow going on in your office at all times, then you are certainly going to want a copier that can handle a lot of paper and constant running. The worst thing you can imagine is a copier break-down on a day when you have big assignments due. Make sure the model you pick is right one for the size of your operation.


Magnum is an exclusive platinum level Xerox dealer and our clients span across the United States. We can service and support your Xerox devices anywhere in the United States with a guaranteed same day / next day on-site service guarantee.

To learn more about how Magnum can help your organization evaluate your existing copier leases or provide a quote for new copier and printer equipment, please call (800) 893 1183 or send an email to

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