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27 July 2015

Everyone loves color. Color printing has more impact than black and white, drawing attention to documents in a way that plain black and white text cannot. Color can highlight a graph on a business report or draw the eye to important information. Until now, color printing had been a lot more expensive than black and white printing, which is why a lot of companies chose to settle for less color when what they really wanted was more of it.

Cost Viable Color Printing from Xerox ColorQube

Xerox ColorQube offers the newest advances in Solid Ink technology so you can afford to print color as often as you like. With an ingenious metered plan, you only pay for the color you actually use on each page. Here’s one example of the Xerox flexible three-tier pricing plan.

Black Plus Useful Color:
Add simple color to emails and Word documents, but pay at the black and white rate. You’ll gain the advantage of color at a very low cost.

Everyday Color:
Documents that require moderate colors, like flyers and Excel documents, are billed only slightly higher than the black and white rate. You’ll no longer need to hesitate or limit the impact of color on these everyday business documents.

Expressive Color:
For rich color coverage required for brochures, photos and marketing materials that need to make a bold statement, Xerox ColorQube delivers sharp color resolution at the current market price.

What are Your Savings with the Xerox ColorQube?

To get an idea of the color printing savings you’ll achieve with a Xerox ColorQube, use the Xerox Cost Savings Calculator to find out where your documents fit in the three-tier pricing plan outlined above.

To learn how your company can get more color at affordable prices with Xerox ColorQube, contact Magnum today!


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