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10 June 2012

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A4 Copiers or even just A4  is a term not familiar to us Americans. It’s a term more common in Europe –  to designate a standard paper size used for business. As business needs change, so does the technology that supports it. Where copiers once supported large-format paper, many manufacturers are focusing on what the majority of businesses need – reliable copiers that run standard-sized paper.

Given that the average office worker produces 8,636 pages a year, just 202 pages are of A3 size, which is less than a page a day.

Because people are moving towards scanning and printing original documents, which can be scaled to fit the paper size available, the need for A3 output has declined. In addition, 10 to 15 years ago, software like Adobe pdf and its various variants and advanced internet browsers were non existent. Just think – When is the last time you copied or printed on an A3 sized paper?

Office space is also a big issue. In general, an A3 Xerox copiers occupies more office space. Typically, the footprint of a black & white A3 capable Xerox device is much larger than that of an A4 copier, 70%* larger by volume on average. An A3 Xerox Copier takes up a lot of space with its console. But  A4 copiers only need the corner of your desk or room. Larger size also means heavier to move around. Some of the larger A3 Copiers are 500 to 600 pounds heavy, while a 55 page per minute A4 device would be closer to 150 pounds.

In terms of TCO then generally,  the A3 copier is more expensive to purchase and maintain than an A4 MFP. The premium is between 100% and 220%* depending on the manufacturer. Also the cost of a maintenance kit for an A3 copier is 26%* higher than that of an A4. Finally, an A3 capable MFP device consumes more operating power and cost as the fuser unit is 41% larger. It doesn’t matter if an A4 page is being printed or an A3 page because the whole fuser unit is heated up.

Popular examples of Xerox A4 Copiers & printers in 2012 are the Xerox WorkCentre 4250 / 4260 series for black and white A4 units and the  Xerox ColorQube 8700 /  Xerox Colorqube 8900

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