Think you’re getting a good deal on that low cost inkjet new printer? Think again!!!

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A good new printer is like a good mattress. It doesn’t take long to appreciate the investment.

Yet when the time comes to buy a new printer, many people care about only one thing: will it print when I click this button?

Sure, it will (at least for a while). But if you’re not asking what else it can do – if you’re not considering the overall impact that printing has on your business – you’re leaving a lot of important questions unanswered, and a lot of money on the table.

A new printer is an investment, not just at purchase time but throughout its life. There are myriad ways that print and printing costs affect your business, and the considerations you must make before choosing a  new printer (hint: there are more than you think – and their impact is far greater than you might expect). Click Here to see how everything from the cost of supplies to the time to print can make a huge difference to your bottom line (and to the happiness of your office environment!).

The hidden costs of a low cost new printer means different things to different people in your workforce.


Magnum is an exclusive platinum level Xerox dealer and our clients span across the United States. We can service and support your Xerox devices anywhere in the United States with a guaranteed same day / next day on-site service guarantee.

To learn more about how Magnum can help your organization evaluate your existing copier leases or provide a quote for new copier and printer equipment, please call (800) 893 1183 or send an email to


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