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Office Copiers – Asset or Risk For Your Non-Profit Organization?

A couple of years ago, CBS had a sensational news segment entitled, “Digital Secrets of Copiers”. It showed that for-profit and non-profit organizations regularly lease copiers. When the copiers are returned at the end of the lease, they are often sold to resellers. Often, some of the data recorded on the copiers’ hard drive was […]

Xerox Color Printers – Business Demands Cost Efficient Color

Since ‘tis the season of color, we can take a look at Xerox color printers and your business. Color- it can attract, influence and even increase reader retention. Color is a powerful tool for any business. The way you present your company’s ideas with the use of color in printed material is becoming an increasingly […]

Highway Robbery? No, Just Your Office Color Printers.

From $5,000 per gallon ink To Overpriced Usage Plans, Chances Are You’re Losing Lots Of Money And Time. Whether you know it or not – or even if you care to admit it – your office color printers are stealing from you. It may be through exorbitant ink prices or through flimsy re-manufactured cartridge construction, […]