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Office Copiers – Asset or Risk For Your Non-Profit Organization?

A couple of years ago, CBS had a sensational news segment entitled, “Digital Secrets of Copiers”. It showed that for-profit and non-profit organizations regularly lease copiers. When the copiers are returned at the end of the lease, they are often sold to resellers. Often, some of the data recorded on the copiers’ hard drive was […]

Xerox Fun Flip – Expanding The Usage Of Your Xerox Copiers

Xerox Copiers – Expand Your Horizons This interactive four-sided, dimensional and dynamic photo application has been named the origami of media. The Xerox Fun Flip™  printed from Xerox copiers allows the user to flip through four different image panels that are morphing together throughout the one piece. There have been many successful marketing applications to […]

Your Copier Lease – Four Pitfalls to Avoid

“ Approximately 95% of small to medium-sizd businesses who lease office space sign a lease for an office copier or a multi-function printer. Most of these businesses assume the “monthly payment and lease term” are the most important factors of this three to five year commitment and that the other clauses in the lease are […]