How does Xerox Solid Ink Technology Work for You?

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Who wouldn’t want to print more color documents? Everyone knows that color makes a bigger impact and we tend to remember it longer. Cost of printing in color is one of the main factors we prefer to print mostly with black and white. But Xerox Solid Ink Technology has come up with a solution. Know why everyone from busy office managers to school photographers are making the switch to solid ink.

Features of Xerox Solid Ink Technology

Get ready to think about ink in a completely new way:

Solid ink remains solid until ready for use. The printer melts the ink to the correct temperature when ready and then sprays the ink onto the paper.

The ink solidifies or “freezes” in an instant and adheres to the cooler paper surface.

The ink binds to the surface of the paper, resulting in lasting, water fast, vivid color that is fused to the paper, not soaked into it like traditional liquid inkjet printing.

The unique qualities of the solid ink process means you can use almost any type or quality of paper, achieving superior color results for less money, time after time.

More Benefits of Xerox Solid Ink Technology

Non-staining solid ink sticks are safe to handle and safe for the environment. They’re also user-friendly, which means you won’t need a help desk ticket to replenish ink supplies. Solid ink loads much like a stapler, with the added benefit that each color is specially designed to fit only in the correct slot. Unlike inkjet technology, solid ink can be loaded in the middle of a print job or “topped off” prior to beginning a new project, saving both time and materials.

Using Xerox Solid Ink Technology becomes a low-cost alternative to laser and inkjet printers, producing superior results with a lighter impact on the environment. If you’d like to learn how your offices can benefit, contact us at Magnum Group today.


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