Green Printing Tips For Small Businesses

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25 October 2012
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It almost seems like an oxymoron “Green Printing Tips” but it’s easier and less costly than you think to help protect our environment with these five practical Green Printing Tips!

How can it actually help a small- or medium-sized business? “Going green is a lot more than just recycling and using CFL light bulbs,” says Philip John, President of the Magnum Group of New York, an award-winning provider of office equipment systems, “It’s about combining simple practices like these with technological changes to save energy and money easily and immediately, and to reduce significantly, any negative environmental impact a business may generate.”

The good news for small- to medium-sized businesses is technology continues to advance the cause of energy efficiency. or those businesses that plan strategically, there are many opportunities to tie together technology updates, energy sustainability, and lower overall costs..
Philip also notes that government grants, incentives and rebates are available to help businesses go green with greater frequency these days. According to Philip, energy sustainability (while lowering overhead) for a small- or medium-sized business can be greatly advanced with five simple, Green Printing tips:

Tip #1 – Use Recycled Paper

Recycling paper has several benefits for individuals and businesses. Since businesses recycle more paper and plastic than an individual, businesses can make a more positive impact on the environment. Being known as environmentally friendly, your business will improve its standing in the community when you start and maintain a paper-recycling program. If every business in the United States recycled their paper, we would save 25,000,000 trees each year – that is huge.

Tip #2 – Use Software like GreenPrint – Free with select Xerox printers

Software add-ons like these make it easy to eliminate unwanted pages BEFORE they are printed. GreenPrint software performs all these functions and more:
• Identifies, analyzes and highlights pages with typical waste characteristics
• Easily removes images before printing to save ink, toner and money
• One click PDF creation makes it easy to save web pages instead of printing them
• Calculates and reports pages, trees and dollars saved

Tip #3 – Use Solid Ink Technology

Xerox Solid Ink is easy to use and produces stunning color print quality. It also:
• Generates up to 90% less printing waste than comparable color laser printers
• Enables an incredibly low total cost of ownership
Cartridge-free Solid Ink lowers running costs by drastically reducing the number of items customers must replace. That’s why we’re able to offer color page prices for far less than our competitors.

“The Solid Ink system is much less complicated compared to Xerography – with fewer moving components and fewer replaceable supplies, which translates to the potential for lower overall operating costs.” according to InfoTrends – the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry.

If you print lots of color pages, Xerox solid ink printers and multi-function printers can help you realize a significant savings on 70% of the color pages you print every day. You get exceptional value with a total cost of ownership that’s hard to beat.

Tip #4 – The Paperless Office

It is becoming a natural product of evolution. With the vast majority of work and communication migrating to a digital environment, there is often little reason to print documents these days. Get a good data backup solution in place, combine it with off-site storage, and only print when you must. The paper you save at the office turns into the paper you keep in your wallet.

“Decisions this like are also viewed positively by your customers and others, and that speaks well for your image or brand, as well as providing a more positive impact on your bottom line,” adds Philip.

Tip #5- Recycle Toner & Drum Cartridges

Make it a point to use vendors / manufacturers who reward you with systems in place to recycle toners and drums used in their copiers and printers. In the absence of these recycling programs, the used toners and drum cartridges end up in the trash. Oil based toner and ink can be toxic to the environment when it is not disposed of properly. Magnum’s customers enjoy a free toner recycling program. They go to a customized online portal, print a free UPS label and simply send the used toner and drum containers back to us. We make it easy for everyone to be environmentally responsible.

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