Defining The 4 Hour Copier Service Response Time Myth

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14 October 2013
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As the saying goes, “In this world nothing is certain, except death and taxes.” Similarly, when leasing copiers and printers one thing is certain: at some point during the lease, you are going to need copier service.  Industry averages suggest that a copier service call every two to three months is normal.  Devices that experience heavier usage may require more frequent service – as often as twice a month.  So, it is important that the terms of your copier service be defined as a significant component of your lease.

The first thing almost all office equipment sales reps are taught to blindly say is, “Our company responds to your service calls in 4 hours”.

Same day/next day on-site copier service is not an easy task!  It takes a lot of planning, sophisticated scheduling software and an army of well-trained technicians carrying the latest hardware tools like smartphones and tablets to serve you best.

Here are some great follow-up questions that will help define the 4-hour Copier Service Response Time promise:

  1. What if the response time exceeds 4 hours?
    • Is there any compensation or a reduction in the cost of that service call?
  2. What kind of response should a customer expect?
    • Should it be a phone call from a help desk agent?
    • Maybe a technician shows up but parts have to be ordered?
    • Is a Remote Diagnosis and Repair the answer?
  3. Does the copier service company provide any form of feedback?
    • Do you receive a monthly, quarterly or annual accounting of service calls?
    • Are you given the details of each event?
  4. Is the company offering “Guaranteed 4-hour Response Time” or an average response time of 4 hours?
    • Do both these statements mean the same thing to you?

Tell us in the comments below about your printer service experience and what your office went through before your device was fixed and things were running smoothly again.  In a subsequent blog, we will talk about the strides Magnum has made in enhancing our clients on-site copier service experience.

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