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3D Food Printers Will Change the Way We Cook

Printing with 3D technology has been used to create three-dimensional objects like smartphone cases and artificial organs for the body, but researchers have pushed the envelope and revolutionized this technology by bringing it into the realm of food. Taking inspiration from the food replicator in Star Trek, researchers have developed 3D food printers. The first […]

Marketing with Xerox Help Businesses get a Wider Reach

Whoever promised that owning a business was easy, was wrong. It gets even tougher for small businesses. But with innovative new products and services becoming increasingly available and affordable to help you market your business, maybe it doesn’t have to be so hard. With the challenge of competing with big business a recurring hurdle for […]

Eighth Grader in California builds Braille printer using Lego

In Silicon Valley, it’s never too early to become an entrepreneur. Just ask 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee. The California eighth-grader has launched a company to develop low-cost Braille printer, the tactile writing system for the visually impaired. Tech giant Intel Corp. recently invested in his startup, Braigo Labs. Shubham built a Braille printer with a Lego […]

Apps for Your Xerox Office Copier

Apple and Google made Apps worth 15 billion dollars in 2014 alone. It’s safe to say that the market for tweaking great products is alive and well. Never in a million years can Apple and Google envision the variety of uses for their devices – it has taken the mobile industry to the next level. […]

Options to Dispose Your Used Copier or Printer

Getting new Xerox Copier or Printer with modern features is really exciting. No more paper jams and smudged prints from the old copier or printer device plus the host of new features to improve your employee’s productivity. The main hindrance, literally, is disposing the old copier or printer lying in your office. Like other office […]