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Think you’re getting a good deal on that low cost new printer? Think again!!!

A good new printer is like a good mattress. It doesn’t take long to appreciate the investment. Yet when the time comes to buy a new printer, many people care about only one thing: will it print when I click this button? Sure, it will (at least for a while). But if you’re not asking […]

How does Xerox Solid Ink Technology Work for You?

Who wouldn’t want to print more color documents? Everyone knows that color makes a bigger impact and we tend to remember it longer. Cost of printing in color is one of the main factors we prefer to print mostly with black and white. But Xerox Solid Ink Technology has come up with a solution. Know […]

Ace of Communication Partnership: Xerox and the US Open

Xerox loves tennis. US Open loves Xerox From fans and players to press and staff, Xerox serves the USTA and WTA through powerful partnerships. As the highest-attended annual sporting event in the world, communication is critical behind the scenes at the US Open. The USTA was looking for a better, simpler way to coordinate event […]

Controlling Costs with Xerox Technology

In good economic times, companies often take their eye off the ball when it comes to costs. But when times get tougher and revenue goes downhill, many organizations scramble to find ways to cut cost to maintain profits. On an average, research suggests the costs associated with documents in a business account for 6 percent […]

Xerox ColorQube lets You Print in Color at Low Cost

Everyone loves color. Color printing has more impact than black and white, drawing attention to documents in a way that plain black and white text cannot. Color can highlight a graph on a business report or draw the eye to important information. Until now, color printing had been a lot more expensive than black and […]

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