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Keep Life Simple with a Smile, Keep Professional Life Simple with a Xerox Copier/Printer

The average person’s life has become very complicated. Read on for some guidelines to simplifying your lifestyle. Clutter is a part of life. Virtually everyone wishes to de-clutter some aspect of his life ranging from cleaning out the desk or cupboard to making changes to the work or home life. However, de-cluttering only works if steps […]

Avoid Workplace Habits that Make Your Colleagues MAD

Jobs take up a big part of our days. Other than sleep, work takes up most of our time. With so much time spent with an activity, who needs the problem of a difficult colleague? Going to work each day and facing a toxic colleague adds to your stress level, making it more difficult to […]

Guidelines to help save paper and consumables when printing online documents

If you are thinking about reducing your printing costs, we at Magnum Group can assist you to list out and then remove the wrong printing habits within your organization. Usually when printing online documents, one tends to print along with the colored commercial stuff, thus using more of paper and ink. This leads to printing pages that […]

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