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Nuance eCopy ShareScan – Main Benefits and Features

Xerox is offering new technology with their multifunctional printers i.e. the eCopy ShareScan. This technology, as we will explain below, can have significant benefits in your daily office procedures. The benefits of scanning paper documents to produce archival-quality workflows include enhanced productivity, increased usability, and editable softcopies. With eCopy ShareScan, document scanning that includes optical […]

Misprint due to ink clog in printer creates a $ 500,000 dispute.

Wines, a retired heating and air conditioning repairman, bought the $20 “Ruby 7s” ticket on Dec. 6, and went to his car to scratch it off. When his effort appeared to reveal four prizes – two of $250,000, one for $75 and another for $50, he excitedly ran back in to present it to the […]

Print on to your Xerox MFP from your Apple, Android or Windows Device

Electronic devices with latest technology are the main tools for workflow in office as well as home. We take this opportunity to list out some tips on how to print on your Xerox MFP using these devices. How to print on Xerox MFP using your Apple device (IPad and IPhone). Wireless printing is built into […]

Xerox Healthcare Solutions Advocates that Data Analytics Can Save Billions in Healthcare

Denise Fletcher, VP and Chief Innovation Officer for Xerox Healthcare Payer and Pharma says that finding fraud, waste and abuse in health insurance claims can be like finding needles in a haystack, but they’re needles worth looking for. Financial losses due to healthcare fraud are estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars […]

Improve Your Business Productivity with Xerox’s Best Copier Dealer in Houston

Increased productivity gets along so many benefits to a business. It helps you get more output with your current resources. It gives more time and energy to concentrate on improving other aspects of your business. It also creates a congenial work environment. That’s why we are always looking for ways to help our clients improve […]