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Xerox Mobile Link App …. IoT Technology Transforms Your New York Office’s Working Culture

I recently attended a closing for a friend’s apartment just outside New York City, in a real estate agent’s office. The amount of paperwork for this closing alone was mind blowing. The major thing I noticed, however, was the amount of time it took to complete each document. Papers were changing hands constantly as they […]

Stay Safe and Secure with Managed Print Services (MPS) from Xerox

Easy access to printers has given office workers the power to print without giving it a second thought, costing businesses money and negatively impacting the environment. While paper documents are critical to business operations, under-the-radar print spending can soar without a clear way to track the process. Managed print services can help your company gain […]

Improve Your Business Productivity with Xerox’s Best Copier Dealer in Manhattan

Increased productivity gets along so many benefits to a business. It helps you get more output with your current resources. It gives more time and energy to concentrate on improving other aspects of your business. It also creates a congenial work environment. That’s why we are always looking for ways to help our clients improve […]

Three Tips to Engage your Customers in Today’s Smartphone World.

Once upon a time, you could enter a conference room or auditorium, stand behind the podium and expect a captive, engaged audience (or, if not captive, at least captured anyway, once the doors were closed). But then one day, everything changed. Audiences changed. Life changed. Gone were the days of the unanswered email and “leave […]

3D Food Printers Will Change the Way We Cook

Printing with 3D technology has been used to create three-dimensional objects like smartphone cases and artificial organs for the body, but researchers have pushed the envelope and revolutionized this technology by bringing it into the realm of food. Taking inspiration from the food replicator in Star Trek, researchers have developed 3D food printers. The first […]