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The Truth About Bargain Toner

Toner – Let’s talk about it. Toner is the life blood of your Xerox printer or multifunction printer. Without toner – you basically have a large scanner or paperweight (excuse the bad pun). Obviously, we at Magnum (a Certified Platinum Xerox Partner) recommend that you use genuine Xerox toner in your machines that comes standard in our All […]

The new Xerox WorkCentre “i” Series is here.

Towards the beginning of April 2016, the older Xerox WorkCentre 7855 ( including the WorkCentre 7830, 7835, 7845 ) were discontinued and the new “i” series was introduced. From the outside, it seems to pretty much the same as the previous unit, but the real change is in the software guts of the device. In […]

Print Quality Issue on Xerox 7800 series ? Clean the Print-head Lenses on the drum units.

Print quality issues like lines and smears can easily be eliminated by this quick step. The tools are built-into the device – so, all you need to do is to pull and push back a lever. This step is applicable for all the units in the Xerox 7800 series including the Xerox WorkCentre 7830, 7835, […]

Enabling Apple ® AirPrint™ with Your Xerox ® Printer / MFP

Gone are the days when printing from your iPhone in an office environment meant forwarding that attachment/ file to your desktop / laptop computer to print. Xerox is now certified and implementing AirPrint in the latest Xerox® ConnectKey® WorkCentre® and ColorQube® devices. However, when these devices first launched, they were not AirPrint-enabled. AirPrint is a […]

Think you’re getting a good deal on that low cost new printer? Think again!!!

A good new printer is like a good mattress. It doesn’t take long to appreciate the investment. Yet when the time comes to buy a new printer, many people care about only one thing: will it print when I click this button? Sure, it will (at least for a while). But if you’re not asking […]

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