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Three Tips to Engage your Customers in Today’s Smartphone World.

Once upon a time, you could enter a conference room or auditorium, stand behind the podium and expect a captive, engaged audience (or, if not captive, at least captured anyway, once the doors were closed). But then one day, everything changed. Audiences changed. Life changed. Gone were the days of the unanswered email and “leave […]

Eighth Grader in California builds Braille printer using Lego

In Silicon Valley, it’s never too early to become an entrepreneur. Just ask 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee. The California eighth-grader has launched a company to develop low-cost Braille printer, the tactile writing system for the visually impaired. Tech giant Intel Corp. recently invested in his startup, Braigo Labs. Shubham built a Braille printer with a Lego […]

Options to Dispose Your Used Copier or Printer

Getting new Xerox Copier or Printer with modern features is really exciting. No more paper jams and smudged prints from the old copier or printer device plus the host of new features to improve your employee’s productivity. The main hindrance, literally, is disposing the old copier or printer lying in your office. Like other office […]

Nuance eCopy ShareScan – Main Benefits and Features

Xerox is offering new technology with their multifunctional printers i.e. the eCopy ShareScan. This technology, as we will explain below, can have significant benefits in your daily office procedures. The benefits of scanning paper documents to produce archival-quality workflows include enhanced productivity, increased usability, and editable softcopies. With eCopy ShareScan, document scanning that includes optical […]

Misprint due to ink clog in printer creates a $ 500,000 dispute.

Wines, a retired heating and air conditioning repairman, bought the $20 “Ruby 7s” ticket on Dec. 6, and went to his car to scratch it off. When his effort appeared to reveal four prizes – two of $250,000, one for $75 and another for $50, he excitedly ran back in to present it to the […]