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Why Do Accountants Recommend Leasing Copiers Rather Than Buying?

The number one reason for leasing copiers is that you keep your debt under this operating lease off the balance sheet. This tactic is very commonly used not just for technology purchases, but also for leasing other machines, vehicles and office space. The total commitment for the 3 to 5 year copier lease is never […]

Three easy steps to cut your copy & print costs.

In good economic times, companies often take their eye off the ball when it comes to cutting their print costs. But when times get tougher and revenue goes downhill, many organizations scramble to find ways to cut cost to maintain profits. On average, research suggests the costs associated with documents in a business account for […]

Your Copier Lease – Four Pitfalls to Avoid

“ Approximately 95% of small to medium-sizd businesses who lease office space sign a lease for an office copier or a multi-function printer. Most of these businesses assume the “monthly payment and lease term” are the most important factors of this three to five year commitment and that the other clauses in the lease are […]

Section 179 Tax Deduction & Your Xerox Copier Lease.

Using Section 179 Tax Deduction and/or Bonus Depreciation with a Xerox Copy Machine Lease or Xerox Copier Equipment Finance Agreement might be the most profitable decision you can make in 2012. Why? Because the amount you deduct will exceed your cash outlay for 2012 when you combine (i) a properly structured Xerox Copier Equipment Lease […]

What Are A4 Copiers?

A4 Copiers or even just A4  is a term not familiar to us Americans. It’s a term more common in Europe –  to designate a standard paper size used for business. As business needs change, so does the technology that supports it. Where copiers once supported large-format paper, many manufacturers are focusing on what the […]

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