Benefits of Buying or Leasing Copiers or Printers from an Authorized Dealer for your Manhattan Office

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14 April 2015

When you’re planning to buy or lease new or replace copiers or printers for your Manhattan Office, you need to know the difference between retail chain stores and authorized dealer. Many of us think they are the same and keep them in the same group. The main difference is that retail chain store keeps a show model of every item an office might require whereas an authorized dealer is a qualified and trained professional who works specifically with a particular branded equipment and product. He has the ability to explain every feature of the product other than help troubleshoot any other issues regarding their brand of product.

Main benefits of buying / leasing your copiers or printers from a authorized dealer:

1] With dealers, you will always get genuine branded parts, products, supplies and accessories. You should always ensure that you buy the same brand accessories or supplies as recommended by the manufacturer. Most dealers have a relationship with the manufacturer to give you a special price on parts and supplies. If the retail chain store has to shut business for some reason or the other and you have a problem, where will you go? If the dealer goes out of business, there is always the relationship with the manufacturer to help support your copiers or printers.

2] Dealers have special corporate account and large purchase flexibility with payments and leasing. You might have a large business that requires multiple copiers or printers; can you afford to buy multiple large pieces of office equipment outright at one go? Or will you need a payment plan? Or a lease agreement? Dealers work with companies that need to have the most up to date technology and purchasing a new machine every few years may not be an option. Dealers can help you lease your fleet of copiers and printers.

3] Dealers employ or associate with certified experts who are trained specifically for that brand. Don’t waste your time trying to find a technician. Your dealer will have experts that work for them to repair and troubleshoot any issue you have. When your equipment goes down, downtime has to be minimal. Let a dealer with professional technicians take care of copiers or printers. Dealers will have access to brand name parts that are backed by a warranty.

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Magnum is an exclusive platinum level Xerox dealer and our clients span across the United States. We can service and support your Xerox devices anywhere in the United States with a guaranteed same day / next day on-site service guarantee.

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