Ace of Communication Partnership: Xerox and the US Open

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Xerox loves tennis. US Open loves Xerox

From fans and players to press and staff, Xerox serves the USTA and WTA through powerful partnerships.

As the highest-attended annual sporting event in the world, communication is critical behind the scenes at the US Open. The USTA was looking for a better, simpler way to coordinate event communications for thousands of employees, vendors, media and fans during the tournament. They found what they were looking for i.e. better document technology, office equipment,  services and broader capabilities from Xerox, a global leader in business communications and document management.

How Xerox Serves

Xerox document technology is integrated into many key areas of the US Open: tournament operations, business operations and the Media Center, where Xerox’s hands-on service is critical for serving up key communications around the tournament, such as daily draw sheets, hot sheets, press releases and more.

Xerox Production: Behind the Scenes

See our technology-forward, proactive, adaptive approach to supporting 1,500 international broadcasters at the US Open.

Xerox Sponsorships

The Xerox approach to sponsorship is more than just a logo on a banner. We work behind the scenes to create memorable experiences for customers.


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