Separate Your Employees from Office Technicians

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16 September 2013

For an average of two weeks out of the year your employees transform into office technicians. Restarting devices, opening printers to clear jams, waiting, checking status reports, reprinting, failing faxes, connection errors, etc, etc, etc. Not only are your employees wasting valuable time at work but they are gradually becoming more and more aggravated which leads to a loss in productivity once they are able to get back to work. A solution is simple. A large number of employees, 88%, believe that updating existing printers, copiers, and scanners will help them save time and increase their productivity at work. Unfortunately, employers are less likely to take action as 52% of employees claim that their boss isn’t likely to invest in new equipment and 4 out of 10 employees will delay upgrading their technology if it still works. Magnum recommends to replace printers, scanners, and copiers every two to three years because of continual advances in technology and features.

Tip: Separate your employees from office technicians by replacing existing technology with technology that works with the exact needs of your office. Sounds expensive but there are many cost effective solutions like working with a company that can provide you with updated technology when you need it most by buying out your current lease.

Magnum recommends the award winning Xerox ConnectKey solutions. We can buy-out your existing copier lease and set you up with a Xerox printer that fits all of your business needs. Also, our qualified Xerox trainers and technicians will ensure that you get the best utilization of the Xerox device.

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